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We will never stop-#FakeNews Buzzfeed Virus – Las Vegas Shootin

Las Vegas Law Suits

Las Vegas Law Suits

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Buzzfeed broke the news that #FakeNews was spread through social media channels regarding the Las Vegas Shooting. However, the reporter, Ryan Broderick’s own reporting was #FakeNews. Broderick claimed that Route 91 attendee Brianna Hendricks reported a “hoax” during her Live NBC interview on the night of the Las Vegas Shooting.However, in LVMPD Body cam footage, an officer corroborates the Brianna Hendricks report of a Hispanic woman threatening others at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. In fact, this officer claimed that he escorted this woman from the event. Ryan Broderick of Buzzfeed claimed in his article that CSC CEO Damon Zumwalt was his source claiming that Brianna Hendricks’ story was a hoax. Did Ryan Broderick ever contact LVMPD or Brianna Hendricks herself? Why is Ryan Broderick such a proponent of “Deplatfoming” as he indicates in his Axios interview? Will Ryan Broderick watch this LVMPD Body Camera Footage and retract his article which led to massive censorship and deplatforming? Why was Congressman Adam Schiff so vocal about Social Media #FakeNews in the wake of the Las Vegas Shooting? Was Ryan Broderick trying to police fake news, or was he acting as a spark for massive censorship in the wake of the Las Vegas Shooting? Is Ryan Broderick an agent of Adam Schiff? Will Ryan Broderick, Randy Sutton, and Damon Zumwalt publicly apologize to Brianna Hendricks for embarrassing her through their mainstream media channels? Is Brianna Hendricks the modern day Richard Jewel? Will she ever get justice for the way Ryan Broderick, Damon Zumwalt, and Randy Sutton publicly doubted her story? Why wasn’t Waters world able to air the Brianna Hendricks video interview? Doesn’t Fox News show video from other networks every day? Was NBC blocking the use of the Brianna Hendricks interview? Why didn’t NBC publicly discuss the controversy regarding the Brianna Hendricks interview? Sources: “You’re All Going To Die Tonight”: Who Was The Strange Woman At The Vegas Concert Before The Shooting Started?:… Facebook safety page showed spam, hoaxes after Las Vegas shooting:… AXIOS: Podcast: 8chan, hate’s home on the Internet:… Google search spread wrong info from 4chan on Las Vegas shooting suspect:… In info void before smoke cleared in Vegas bloodbath, fake news quick to flood social media:… Here Are All The Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting:… Google Displayed Fake News in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting:… FAKE NEWS FILLS INFORMATION VOID IN LAS VEGAS SHOOTING:… Ryan Broderick on Twitter:… The chilling warning raised within the Las Vegas crowd shortly before the killings:… Did an Unidentified Woman Warn Las Vegas Concert-Goers They Were ‘All Going to Die’?:… Google blamed for promoting false info about Las Vegas shooter:… Mystery of Brianna and Zumwalt -Las Vegas Shooting:… Hours after Las Vegas shooting, fake news stories spread on social media:… Las Vegas spawns fake news:… Breaking down the Las Vegas massacre conspiracy theories:… Fake News Goes Viral After Las Vegas Shooting:… Las Vegas Lyft & Conspiracy Theories : VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO):…