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March 28, 2023

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Galvin Newsom was on the View

Galvin Newsom was on the View

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Galvin Newsom was on the View, and after looking at President Trump talk about California being a Sanctuary State and how it’s terrible for the country, the ladies on the View along with Galvin Newsom only wanted to talk about how Nancy Pelosi facial expressions. None of them on the View would challenge Newsom on how he is under minding the President when it comes to protecting American citizens, and how severely, the immigration problem has affected the state of California. Prepare with UAF Connect with me on Please Subscribe:… Email: Facebook Twitter @UniteAmerica1st Twitter @FirePowerNews Support Will Johnson’s SubscribeStar… Patreon: We are Viewer supported. Without you, we cannot grow, and we cannot travel. We appreciate everyone that helps us do this work. DONATE: Go to and CLICK on the GREEN DONATE button. #California #VoteDemOut2020 #Trump2020