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The Foster Care System Can Be Deadly: Special Guest Amber Quezada-Martinez

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From foster care to business owner..

The solution is in the people who survived. My name is Amber Quezada-Martinez. I am an investigative journalist digging deep into the foster care system and the injustices done there. I’m also the CEO of the nonprofit corporation United Services Alliance Inc which is an organization seeking to fight against just such injustices and create a platform for those in need. United Services Alliance Inc is designed to help those who can’t help themselves through awareness and networking to create lasting reforms. Or goals are to identify and correct there injustices and inequities that are being done within the foster care system as well as in criminal justice reform and veterans affairs. Lately as a journalist I have talked such issues as a rally for foster care, a case dealing with a celebrity and her abusive father was well as a corrupt sheriff. Bringing awareness to these issues has helped bring people together who can make real and lasting changes. There is a lot that needs to get done but these issues begin with awareness and bringing together people who will sign the petitions and vote for the right people to make changes so that these systems can work right. I have become tik tok famous over these issues and now I want to take United Services Alliance Inc into the arena where real and lasting changes is taking place. Follow me on FB

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Business phone 813-683-8791

All things crypto, Bitcoin, Blockchain. FTX Web LIVE Interview with Expert Craig Bergman #Blockchain #technology 2nd half of show 8pm Central time.

Interview of Craig Bergman Founder & CEO/CTO Vortex Blockchain Technologies. LIVE show December 29th 2022 Main Live Show Facebook Link

Craig is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Vortex Blockchain Technologies, Liberty Coin Farms, Quantum Capital, and several related businesses. He is also the Founder & CEO of Appellate Films (an independent film production company)

, the Robert Morris Group (a political consulting company), and The Patriot Statesman (a national media company). A pivotal player in the early development of online banking, Craig served as a Vice President and in various managerial positions at multiple banks, including Wells Fargo. A longtime advocate for American prosperity, Craig has advised two-dozen presidential candidates and has served on the national senior staff of five presidential campaigns.

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