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The Building Belief Podcast with Mikael Luman

Wholistic Health

Wholistic Health

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The Building Belief Podcast
Unlimited Possiblities
• Focused Intention
• Lumanescence
• Lumanaries

My underlying faith is that we are all already perfected. We get to chose how perfectly we live.  The Miracle of Healing; I was instantly able to heal. Now I share the miracle with others. I healed instantly. I have experienced it. I know it is possible. I always believed, but now I know. Because I instantly healed myself.

Surgery, recovery, rehab, divorce. In a moment of no more options, everything changed instantly.

Healed. Harmony. Balance. Perfection. In that moment I saw all possibilities.

It was amazing. Even more amazing, I was able to focus my intention on others, and they healed instantly. If this is possible… what else is possible?

I know it’s hard to believe…
If I didn’t experience it … If I didn’t see it happen everyday… I might not believe it, but I’ve helped many people from around the world . It no longer matters what someone has because the moment they can have something totally different. I do not heal anyone… I provide the space or the knowing so they can heal themselves…

Take a look at my live healing videos, or join one of our free group sessions and see it for yourself.

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