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March 20, 2023

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“The Billionairiat” THEY ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER!

Gates Fear Machines

Gates Fear Machines

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At the beginning of this scam-demic we heard over and over a line dripping with virtue signaling: “We’re all in this together.” Joe Biden said it. Endless commercials repeated it. But we are not all in this together. Small businesses have been crushed while select global corporations have remained open. They’ve flourished. Amazon, WalMart, and Target for example. The mega billionaire class got even richer while average Americans lost their jobs, their homes, their hope, and their sanity. The billionaire class received windfalls while the average family received a pittance.

Then we witnessed massive corruption at the voting precincts. The presidency was stolen outright. The Deep State Swamp and its host of mega-billionaires ignored the wishes of the American public and decided that Joe Biden should win. Why? After all, Joe wants more taxes and his running mate, Kamala, wants socialism.

—Ben Garrison

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