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March 20, 2023

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Special Offer: Learn to play a great acoustic guitar and help our cause

Special Offer Guitar

Special Offer Guitar

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Please consider supporting our media and music/film efforts , learn to play acoustic guitar and support my efforts at the same time! Have a son or daughter, grand kids and know that this is the perfect starter guitar! #film #movies #donationsneeded #mediaindustry #newsmedia #artist #guitarsdaily

INFOWIND NEW NEWS promotion. Joe Charter Records promotional offers. We are looking for warriors to join us, why not learn how to play an acoustic guitar and support us at the same time? Dontae $250 and we will deliver to you an autographed by Joe Charter himself this amazing Joe charter certified “Stadium” acoustic guitar.

We can arrange other types of payment upon request. email us at or simply go to the paypal link here and make sure you enter your address and your phone number in the “notes”