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December 8, 2022

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Trump and Hillary

Trump and Hillary

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President Trump and many others predicted Voter Fraud would be rampant across mostly the key battleground states if mail in voting was encouraged.

This video report is a compilation of current information flowing from citizens. Election 2020 is going to be the most controversial election in the history of the world. Leaked video, under cover video, personnel stories and professionals. November of year 2020. The year the Satanist Showed their hand to the world, making way for the Anti-Christ.

I will never rest until the transcripts of the meeting that shut down the world is published. Not one Trump supporter or even Alex Jones has express this concern, prove me wrong?

Good luck to all in this jungle of information and the ultimate power of the US government upon the people. “Silah”
The Media Nomad Show and INFOWIND NEW NEWS was created and founded by Joe Charter Wirkus, a musician with roots in Nashville, Iowa and Illinois, and Nevada. He has been in the music industry over 30 years and has published a multitude of songs, Google “Joe Charter Music” Like many musicians, Charter held down a day job to support his passion. The platform included music video productions released to the public consistently over years and accelerated video equipment build up resulting in a music studio that can do audio and visual productions efficiently. The studio in Des Moines Iowa is called “Purple Theater” .

Charter recently began producing other webcasting publications for political, business and entrepreneurs to help others get messages out on social media and is active in the local Des Moines community. INFOWIND New News is currently publishing guest appearances supporting or challenging different social and political causes through commentary and news reporting supported by research. We produce webcasting segments that feature national and international alternative news personalities.
On the Easter holiday year 2020 we launched our first official live broadcast called Media Nomad primarily on Facebook live and Youtube and segments are ongoing. . We promote educational alternative news from around the globe. Search “Infowind new news” We use hashtags #infowindnewnews #TheMediaNomadShow and #WeChangeTheWorld
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