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March 20, 2023

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Reali-Life Batman Michael Goguen and his wife Jamie share their experiences at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Michael Goguen shares with the world the presence of multiple Drones at the concert which he originally thought were the sources of the gunfire sounds. Is this a major break in the mystery of the Las Vegas Shooting? Where are the video footage from these drones? Who was flying these Drones? Was it Ad-Air? was it skynet? Was it LVMPD? Was it CSC? Was it someone else? Who were the drone pilots at the Route 91 Harvest Festival? Where is this footage? Where was the Drone pilot tent or trailer? Was MGM flying these drones? Why didn’t they crash a drone into the Shooter’s window? Why didn’t the drone share the location of the shooter with hotel security or LVMPD? Did Paddock shoot down all the drones? Who makes drones with loudspeakers on the the devices? Did anyone else besides Michael Goguen share this eyewitness account of the event? Who was the cop with the wounded neck that helped out Goguen and various victims? Why did Jamie Goguen mention Koval? Koval was pretty far away from the Medical Tent? Did the Goguens start out at the VIP tent, move up the BLVD with Raymond Page and the Crew, head over to the Medical tent on the east side, and then head up Northeast to Koval Street? Was that they path they are describing? Do we have accompanying footage from LVMPD Body camera of all these movements? What’s up with these DRONES? Who was flying them? Where is the Drone Footage? Why didn’t the Drone Pilots help LVMPD site the bad guy? Why didn’t they crash their drones into his window? Goguen is a real-life BATMAN trusted by Chris Cuomo. Surely his eyewitness testimony can’t be disregarded!?!?!?!? Audio Source: Michael and Jamie Goguen’s eyewitness account of the Las Vegas shooting.:… CNN New Day 10/3/17 – Michael and Jamie Goguen – LV Route 91 Massacre (courtesy of CNN):… Skynet and Vegas Metro:…