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March 28, 2023

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Thanksgiving Hoax

Thanksgiving Hoax

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Joe Biden wants to control Thanksgiving. Notice how I didn’t call him ‘president-elect.’ He’s not, even if the Democrat mass media continue to repeat that lie.

Biden has joined the chorus of tyrants who want to tell you what you must do in your own home, including wearing masks. “There’s nothing macho about not wearing a mask,” China Joe pronounced. In other words, do not assert your liberty and choice when it comes to do with your own body—even in your own home. Wear the mask and shut up. Practice social distancing. Get tested before gathering for Thanksgiving. Well, if everyone tests negative, why the masks and social distancing?

Oh well, don’t think about that—just do what you’re told by the tyrannical turkeys trying to ‘keep you safe.’

The more we obey their unconstitutional orders, the more more orders there will be. They want your obeisance because it’s all leading to mandatory vaccines and mandatory FEMA camps for those who refuse the shots. Now is the time to resist, push back, and speak out against the forces of tyranny who want your every movement tracked, scrutinized, and controlled. It doesn’t have to be the macho thing to do, but it is the right thing to do if you love liberty.

— Ben Garrison

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