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December 8, 2022

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President Trump needs to break up the leftist Silicon Valley social media monopolies?

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

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He should break up Amazon while he’s at it. The globalist billionaires running their monopolies claim they own platforms for communication. The moguls sometimes compare what they do to the phone companies. Those who operate the phone companies are not responsible for what callers say. OH wait…the social media moguls said they only provided the platforms and they weren’tpublishers, but now they are. They are editors, too. Conservatives, Q-followers, anti-vaxxers, and Christians are among those facing suspensions, deletions, and outright bans.

Imagine the phone companies not liking what you say and so you can no longer use your phone.

It’s the same with the Internet town square. Outright tyrants are controlling it. Now they are blatantly trying to control the upcoming presidential election and they don’t want Trump to win again.

—Ben Garrison

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