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Parental Alienation Abuse Supported By “The System” #Wechangetheworld #parentalalienation #Judicial

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation

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If you have something to say to Sheena or the coalition concerning this topic please message Sheena or the Coalition. Statement: Bringing People Together for the cause of real news do not believe in leadership, we believe in US and YOU. A Value for Value System
Unlike “Crowd Sourcing” of existing news information to a specific brand or org, we create portals and administration opportunities for all “like minded” freedom seeking individual humans on the planet. Email :
Our basic defense of: Freedom of SpeechFreedom of movement Freedom of assembly
Coalition Assignments: A Value for Value System Secret Code ( TLSC)
Official Mission Statement of the Free Media Coalition : Freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental parts of a modern democratic society. Without the freedom of expression we are basically slaves.
Over the years we have seen the rise of social media and what many have deemed a new age for freedom of speech and access to information.Now we have seen an increase in censorship and a decrease of publicly available information. Now it has gone to the point that even opinions get fact checked and anything that goes against the mainstream narrative is stamped as ‘fake’ and the result is the death of alternative news and FOS (Freedom of Speech) as we know it. This is why the Free Media Coalition was formed.. A community of concerned citizens who want to remedy this situation and restore free speech on the internet. Our mission is to build a network to give everyone a voice back and to gather as many like-minded individuals as possible in a community effort to use our combined strength, resources and reach to make this happen.
If you want to join this effort please contact the page today. KEY POSITIONS FOR ALL TALENT in order of intended importance.
Moderators and Segments Personalities: Please message the page to join our group of guest, moderator and producers of the live show broadcasts to see what you can offer and what value we can organize in return.
Video and Graphics Producers: Video Clip-age for planned broadcast content (Value For Value) These peoples produce on video or photographic, or natural art presentation
Finance Developer:Solicit and seek out monetizing/donation persons or products/Donations (Value For Value)
Technical Security/Technical Support: Provide computer, devices and other technical direction for the group, update studio computers regularly, provide extra RAM for each computer, provide security portals and security software/hardware (Value for Value)
Use in all posts #freemediacoalition #FreeMediaCoalitionShow Visit and To learn more about our efforts and find more “Real” News.
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