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Orson and Orrin West

Orson and Orrin West

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Police looking for two young boys who disappeared from California City in December conducted a search at the home of their adoptive grandparents in Bakersfield on Friday, 23ABC reports.

Orson and Orrin West, ages 3 and 4, were last seen on December 21, 2020, their adoptive parents said, as CrimeOnline previously reported.

23ABC said that Bakersfield police took over as lead investigators in the case earlier this month.

“Due to facts now known to investigators, and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance, the City of Bakersfield is a historical nexus to the children,” a BPD press release stated at the time. “The California City Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation will continue to have active roles in the investigation.”

Bakersfield Police Sgt Robert Pair did not discuss whether police believe a crime was committed in Bakersfield, but he said the department has executed more than 20 search warrants in Bakersfield, California City, and other locations.

Trezell West, the boys’ adoptive father, previously said that Orson and Orrin were in the backyard playing and that he accidentally left a gate open while gathering wood.

California City police said they suspect foul play in the toddlers’ disappearance, but no suspect has been named.

Bakersfield police ask anyone who had contact with the boys in the past year “regardless of the context” to contact the department through the Secret Witness hotline 661-322-4040.
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