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Men Are Pussies In This Century

Men are pussies

Men are pussies

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Editorial: Joe Charter

In the twentieth century men are pussies. Men have become slaves of the government.
The proof is everywhere. Rather than stand up for their family and fight they cowardly obey their corporate their HR departments and sign away rights and obey illegal actions that will damage their own family. They would not last 2 seconds in mid evil times when men had to fight for their family in order to be left alone and survive the evil men of the day.

In this time, 2020 was the test of all tests and the men failed. They are pussies. They do nothing to protect their family from the evil that is now upon us. They are such pussies they cannot even lead a family household anymore. They abandon their family completely. Then there is the government which comes to cash in on their family in real time and do nothing.

I am disgusted with the lack of intelligence of men these days. Men were much smarter and stronger in love, in family thousands of years ago, they were the ones that brought us this far. But I am afraid if things do not change, these men will not have a clue as to what a man can be or what a man was meant to be. Strong, powerful as God intended.

Be strong, or if you do not know how ask someone who is strong. Ask yourself why am I not strong?
Why can I not lead? Why do I obey government when I know deep down it is evil. Be like Jesus, be a man and stand up to tyranny. You say your are a Christian? Christ like? Then act like it!