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March 28, 2023

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Mark Zuckerberg Sits Down with Harvard & Stanford Law Professors 2019

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Fox Charter Media Censorship Tracking

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INFOWIND NEW NEWS is not just a podcast, it is a media company founded by Joe Charter who is adamantly against controls of the big tech government community. In and around 2018 Google deleted 6 years of INFOWIND work and we will never forgive. Zuckerberg, in this segment gives you clues and names of programs. He does not expound on the fact he makes special censors for countries that ask him to. China , and any other. We at INFOWIND believe Facebook should not be made global when these entities are allowed to have special privileges. Why is Facebook allowed you ask? Ask the American government not me. If you want to talk to Joe Charter about investing in this dream of founding a national media company, see the contact form at