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LIVE Show Comedian Lavetti Vegas and Joe Charter Talk Comedy and Vaccines

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Bullshot Comedy Shows

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Trenton Lavell Wainwright resides in Omaha, Nebraska. He started with his very first set in the Clash of the Comics at the Omaha FunnyBone. Since then, he has traveled to do comedy in Missouri, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, and Minnesota. He has hosted, opened, featured, headlined, produced and booked shows for the past 3 years. He’s a master at crowdwork and loves to please the crowd. Welcome to the Lavetti Vegas YouTube Page. Enjoy. Comedian. Host of “Food & Laughter” which debuts in 2023. 1/3 of 3 Comic Mafia

Trenton Lavell Wainwright, known professionally as Lavetti Vegas, has been doing stand up comedy for over 3 years.
Starting comedy via a chance encounter with a well known promoter, and a convoluted happenstance- he has been building his brand for a few years now.
He sits down with me on the pod to talk about that start, evolution, and growth as a comic- including his transition into other forms of entertainment and now his growth into the world of acting.


Trenton Lavell Wainwright

@Tlwainwright on youtube


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