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March 28, 2023

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Katie Walker making historical change-Human Trafficking activist & Author

Katie Walker Sex Trafficking Activist

Katie Walker Sex Trafficking Activist

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Katie Walker Please make sure you subscribe to our channel and share the videos to help us grow. We are self funded and would appreciate our viewers considering helping us grow visit to learn more. Katie Walker was the most exciting personality I had ever had the pleasure to speak to yet alone have the chance to interview her! In 2015 Katie came across an ad for a role in a movie, however the ad description did not match her physical looks. Being a beautiful aspiring actress who grew up in the south, she had God in her heart and prayed about it and it seems the rest is history! Not only did she land the role, but the role ended up changing her life forever and energized her heart, mind and her career in acting and now she authored a new book called “Woman of Influence” a daily thought , daily devotional book encouraging woman in a unique way each day and gives spiritual support. Katie never know the movie “8 Days” was going influence the rest of her life. Please share and share again this interview, and share the links to the trailer of 8 Days, the movie. Support Katie Walker in her quest..… See the movie trailer 8 Days…