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March 28, 2023

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Joker Tells The Truth #weAreScrewed God Be Our Strength



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April 2020 the new Media Nomad Live Call-In Show was launched! A video or Audio call in show hosted by Joe Charter. Monday through Friday on Facebook Live Stream from 7pm until 11pm. We encourage other alternative news channel personalities to call in as well as political figures and the general public. Seach Facebook for INFOWIND NEW NEWS and you should be able to find the pasts shows as well as the live feeds. To support INFOWIND and the Media Nomad Live Call-in Show. Favorite Quote: John Wayne “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway” We truly are appreciative of our supporters. To make a small or large donation please visit any of these links or as well go to and find the donation links there. If you want to speak to us personally please email to or Go fund us please here as well… FIND US ACROSS SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Joe Charter Wirkus… Woodwind Facebook… INFOWIND NEW NEWS Twitter INFOWIND NEW NEWS Facebook INFOWIND NEW NEWS Youtube channel please subscribe INFOWIND NEW NEWS Tumblr Woodwind INSTGRAM… Woodwind Linkedin… Brand new Woodwind Youtube channel please subscribe for future releases… Joe Charter Music youtube please subscribe… Pinterest Joe Charter/Woodwind Media