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December 8, 2022

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January 6TH US Capitol Riot’s Multiple Angles 3 hours of footage recorded by INFOWIND NEW NEWS

Capitol Riots

Capitol Riots

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On January 6th 2021 President Donald J. Trump told his supporters at the ⁣Trump Said He Would Be at The Capitol With Supporters January 6th 2021 but never showed.

INFOWIND Documented the Trump capitol speech and then as well the “so called” riots that started due to unrest and the what we conclude was a mass “set up” for ⁣surveillance test. Supporters still being arrested as of August of 2021. The founder of the Walkaway movement Brandon Straka we are still not able to locate. INFOWIND INTERVIEWED THIS PERSON IN 2018 ON OUR SHOWS. Owen Shroyer of INFOWARS was recently slapped with a law suit, on going legal battles and hundreds still being prosecuted.

Being an investigative journalist I began some interviews of people privately. Then I also looked around the internet for reactions of the Trump supporters. I found they all tried to blame antifa. There is absolutely little evidence based on that day’s coverage from many angles from the live streamers. I ask why won’t Trump supporters admit this?

I explained to them that we recorded the whole thing from several live streamers we were involved with and my conclusion is people were just down right pissed off and for good reason! I explained to them that I would like to have seen 50 million people at the capitol that day.

I continue to be amazed at the lack of energy of the Americans all together. Silah…

Short exert by : Joe Charter