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March 30, 2023

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Is it time to declare Soros a domestic terrorist?



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If a politically naive person watched nearly a week’s worth of protests and general mayhem on MSNBC and CNN like I did, they might arrive at a logical conclusion: It’s all Trumps’ fault. Over and over again I heard guest ‘analysts’ as well as host ‘journalists’ say the rioting was due to Trump’s ‘systemic racism.’ They even said the president fanned the flames of violence.

We can expect Maxine Waters to shrilly blame Trump for anything negative including bad weather. Don Lemon blamed Trump so hard that he almost got emotional over it. I actually expect him to cry—that’s how earnest he became while in the throes of his Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The blame actually goes to Soros. He funds Black Lives Matter and the Antifa. Even those on the left complained that 80% of the rioters were ‘imported from out of town’ and incited violence. Palettes of bricks were left in handy locations to be thrown through windows. Protests are legal and to be expected in this instance but rioting, violence and looting are crimes.

Declare Soros funded Antifa Domestic Terrorists!

-Ben Garrison

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