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Joe Charter

Joe Charter

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This is a freehand letter to the masses.

First of all I commend you on your valor. I admit I am categorized as an un-educated human. I suppose because of the fact I have not been to/through a college academic program. I regret to inform you that Under Donald J Trump who we literally helped get elected to the highest power, we have been ushered violently into the NWO “Silah” Short article to make you think for now…. email us at The shock is setting in, DJT is just another globalist we watch have a fight with the other globalist powers all in order to put a new guard over the masses? That was not what we wanted from him. Trump supporters are all scrambling to make sense of what has happened. 911 bought us “legal” surveillance. What is COVID going to bring you ask? WE PREDICT “EVERYTHING” ! You will be pounded with radiation “smart cities”, robo-police drones, street robots and all the rest invasive activity never seen or felt before. Big tech will be your new leader of speech control under DJT. As we put our heart and soul into getting DTJ elected the first red flag for us just happened to be this issue of 5G. He said he wanted to make sure we lead the launch and control as much of this technology as possible. China’s 5G company was already knee deep into systems that the USA was using, the problem we have is that this technology will and is killing people. This technology will also be able to track almost anything or anyone, it is designed for smart city “electric” transportation. They will attempt to ban cars in some cities with-in 10 years and force most on to public transit run by 5G. I do not know why we thought president Trump would be transparent about 5G , I believe there was a few times he may have played that card appeasing a concern brought to his attention during his campaign but man the way he came out so strong in support of 5G and announced to the world he was gonna make sure its kicks into high gear raised the fist “red flag” . He had ZERO concern for the safety of people, only the fact he needed to lead it fast! SMART CITIES SHOULD BE STOPPED AND BANNED.

The next red flag for us was the fact he was fooling the people with his ways of communication concerning gun laws. So Las Vegas happened, people were hunted down like buffalo from several different gunman and locations. We were the first company to begin making videos about this. Then we joined 1000’s of video producers around the world who began to pick the story apart. To this day there is unjust actions of information suppression under the DTJ DOJ. Red flag laws are allowed by DTJ. HE HAS LEFT OUR LIFE IN THE BALANCE OF A STATE.

Now the last straw. He said a few people came into his office, told him about the virus situation brewing in China and he said “And they told me we needed to shut the country down” in order to save lives. Did you know to this day not one reporter asked him, that we know of ..who were these people exactly? Final thought. Yesterday we began posting our opposition to this shut down, and a demand for the truth about 5G and FCC corruption that is being allowed to proceed with testing, trials and acceleration with no oversight by the American people. We are confident that the roll out of 5G mini micro’s 60 GH will and is causing virus in humans, then this virus can transfer human to human. Global 5G roll out timelines=Virus tracking. So about our post on Facebook. Trump supporters are going crazy, call me/INFOWIND now we are the enemy. This is the final “Red Flag” Trump supporters are poised to follow this Q movement over the cliff and be his new army of minions who will not stop their “GODS PLAN” THEME to make sure we are not able to whistle-blow what is really happening. This is the saddest part of this story. “Silah” Trump played this part perfectly. He has traded one NWO for another…except we expect his supporters to continue supporting no matter what. Trump once said “If I had a gun, and I shot someone in the street in cold blood my supporters would still support me” that was not a prediction, he knew this was true based on “The Plan”. The snake story? Well do you want to know who we really think that represents? I do not trust a plan by some secret internet gang. This is madness! And I did not even mention no JFK files unsealed! Jeffrey Epstein gone! Geeez…MORE TO COME.