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March 30, 2023

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Alternative News Updates with Jesse Hal and Joe Charter #2022 #2023 Sunday Aug 28, 8PM CDT LIVE

News Organizations

News Organizations

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⁣Alternative News Updates with Jesse Hal and Joe Charter #2022 #2023 Jesse Hal and Joe will give their perspectives on the state of alternative media, our challenges, our successes, cendorship news, social media decentralization for the future. We will take suggestions from you in the comments.

INFOWIND new news teams are bringing people together to build teams of video and audio podcasters/broadcasters across a wide cultural spectrum focused on autonomous freedom.
Unlike “Crowd Sourcing” of existing news information to a specific brand or org, we create portals and administration opportunities for all “like minded” freedom seeking individual humans on the planet. We do not believe in leadership, we believe in US and YOU. A value for value system. To join our efforts please go to this link and join our team.

To be a guest or participate and support INFOWIND join the team here now! We are looking for personalities to mentor for new podcasts and we are always open to interviews of persons with something to say.

Podcaster Development Woodwind Media Group Services We sponsor, mentor and publish new aspiring broadcaster’s.

⁣Please support INFOWIND NEW NEWS and our media collaborators. Order our new branded shirts! Order here at Bonfire

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