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How I Changed Negitive Energy into Positive Energy for a Happy Life (Live Interview of book author Elena Georgiou)

Elena Georgiou Book Author

Elena Georgiou Book Author

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ELENA GEORGIOU Author & Survivor of Abuse Changes Darkness into Light #life

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ELENA GEORGIOU Author & Survivor of Domestic Violence
I faced child and spousal abuse, and after a long journey of healing and inner work, I transformed into who I am today, the real me, courageous, vulnerable, and authentic. I managed to escape and transition from abusive environments that had surrounded me, so I became an expert in how to escape from all this, and I can teach others how to heal from past events, live life to its fullest, and never look back, and to live on the other side of life. So, I wrote my books intending to heal, help my readers discover the why’s, or we can say the unseen, and make it seen in their lives. I have a human experience like everyone: I cry, I laugh, I am angry and pissed off sometimes, I hate, and I love and forgive to find peace and be whole.
As far as my carrier, accomplishments, studies, degrees, etc.
• I am a University employee, a Certified Vocational Trainer, and Certified Life Skills, Coach. Although I don’t like to be called a coach because I am more than just a typical coach like others are, I am more than that; I am a healer, or you can say a therapist, and my books, writing, and storytelling are healing tools for recovery from trauma and past events.
• So, I am an Author of two books and a third to be published soon. I use my writing as a healing tool. My books have healing writing tools to recover from past events.
• My second book is called ‘Live life to its fullest. Never look back is taking part in the 1st Annual International Book Awards presented by Hope Pyx Global. I am a finalist. I can share the link later on if anyone wants to buy my book it’s on amazon:
• European Ambassador at Hope Pyx Global Organization.
• I am a Speaker at Ms. Texas Show and have already shared my story, and I can share the link when we finish: The full version of what happened in my life:
• I am Featured Storyteller at World Pulse Organization, and I received an award for my story. I can share the link:…/cyprus%3A-i-escaped-abuse…
• I am a Changemaker & Encourager at World Pulse Organization. I am working on creating a better world for abuse victims based on my two research on Domestic Violence and Campus Violence. If anyone is interested and wants to support my vision or team up with me or wants to invite me to speak out and needs more details sent me a message. Sharing my vision:
• M1 New update on my initiative:…/new-update-on-my…
• M2 New update on my initiative:…/m2-%e2%80%93-new-update-on…
• Guest speaker at AMA Publishing and watch it also on facebook: I was invited for a live podcasts from Adriana Monique Alvarez, spoke about my vision, presented my initiative, and I received over 2000 views from different social media platforms. The viewers are proof that I have inspired and influenced an audience, which was my intention. I intend to build a community of supporters, fundraisers, investors, and followers to support my vision.
At the age of 38, I passed the entrance exams to study at a University and fulfill all my childhood dreams that I wasn’t allowed to do when I was 18. It took me 20 years to finally enter the University. As a result, I received a bachelor’s in Sociology and Masters in European Studies, which is a significant accomplishment for me. So, I transformed from victim to survivor to a life-winner and accomplisher.
Author & Survivor of Domestic Violence
Europe Ambassador at Hope Pyx Global
Feature Storyteller at World Pulse Organization
Book link:
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