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Goodbye Dear Leader? Sister New Leader?

Sister Takes Over North Korea?

Sister Takes Over North Korea?

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Rumors continue to swirl around the status of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. It is said that he grabbed at his chest and fell during a visit to the countryside. He was rushed to surgery and his doctor attempted to install a stent to help bring blood to his heart, but he had difficulty due to his great fear and shaking hands as well as the fact that his Dear Leader was extremely corpulent.

There is a rumor that the brutal tyrant fell into a vegetative state after the botched procedure. Some say he’s dead. Some, like South Korea, insist he’s alive and well. The hermit nation is very secretive, so it’s difficult to know what’s going on for sure, but the round man’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, is said to be next in line. She already has a reputation for ruthlessness and could probably replace Rocket Man and carry on with his policies without missing a beat.

Why does all this matter? If the military or others challenge the sister, then uncertainty and conflict that could arise, which could turn into a cold war that could quickly morph into a hot one. North Korea is rich in resources that China desires. The US does not want to see China gain a firmer foothold on the troubled peninsula. Neither does Japan.

Meanwhile, Dennis Rodman has to be very concerned.

—Ben Garrison

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