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March 30, 2023

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Fierce Warrior Yvette Tells Story Exposing Evidence Learn How You Handle Corruptness in Family Court

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Fierce Warrior Yvette Tells Story Exposing Evidence Learn How You Handle Corruptness in Family Courts #infowindnewnews #heatherlywarriors I uncovered New York City corruption, from the city hospital, schools , cps etc. I sued the city for false imprisonment and falsifying records, they retaliate by falsifying more records and tried to destroy my entire life, acs took my children unlawfully and the judge ordered them back home when my child with sickle cell asthma and allergy loss eight ponds in  ten days, they have been fighting me for ten years, twice before trial, they withdrew because I could prove that all their allegations were made up, and now I am doing everything i can to expose the system so that it can change. To GOD BE THE GLORY, the truth must prevail.

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