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Disconnecting From The Government Matrix Is Not Easy; Natural Law Versus Government Slavery #infowindnewnews

Talking Matrix

Talking Matrix

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Freedom Collective Foundation is a not-for-profit movement committed to rebuilding our new world under natural law, with truth, justice and love as our intent.

Our goals are to unite, connect and grow, as we raise awareness for our concerns, but mainly promote the solutions for our future ~ for our children and the generations to come. With the family unit and community as our primary focus, we move forward and rebuild our world with endless opportunities at our fingertips.

Our projects ~ PODS ~ (Pillars of Dedication and Service) promotes subject matter experts who are dedicated to promoting change on the planet and to help each and everyone of us personally evolve, in our bodies minds and spirits, as we move forward towards our new world.

These world renown innovators of change, from all corners of Earth, use their vision, foresight, and insight, to educate and raise awareness for our solutions in the form of interviews, online events and public speaking engagements. In the process, we, as the collective, become more clear of the problems we must address, and as we unite with our new found knowledge, our clarity will become stronger, and more opportunities will be presented.

Together, we evolve and empower ourselves to become stronger, and this ripples throughout our families, and communities today, and for generations to come.

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All music is owned and maintained and sung by Joe Charter Records, and or is considered public domain. The music in this broadcast DOES NOT BELONG to UMG-Sony or any other publishing entity in which Facebook has partnered with to track digital creative work. The Broadcast should not be muted in any country. The Music Rights are Owned by Joe Charter Records (Registered in the United States of America)

Joe Charter Wirkus has worked in media for over 10 years. & years of work was deleted by google/youtube in 2020. Rebuilding other accounts has been the main focus since. We require each person in this group to make sure they follow the Facebook Flagship Page (INFOWIND new news) Also we are looking for warriors in media, our plan includes functioning broadcasting and production studios strategically located outside of major metropolitan cities throughout the USA. We are looking for one person to inject $500,000.00 to begin this process of hiring people and expansion of local reporters in FCM studios. will be the brand or entity for which all of these small efficient studios will unite under in the future. They will consist of 2 outside reporters who bring in video recorded reports and interviews from a radius of approximately 200 miles an will be responsible to also gather “virtual” guests for reporting purposes. All travel will be by 2 specially branded vehicles equipped with proper video and audio equipment and software/computers and these reporters will be proficient in video production using adobe or other creative video producing software such as DeVinci Resolve, Magic Movie by Apple and or other. The small studios will be located in homes or affordable leased commercial spaces and equipped for broadcasting live content. Content in general will include Real Life Documentaries, Original Music, Entertainment, News, and Life Interviews of persons with something to contribute to human knowledge, musicians, comedians, scientists, academics, medical, health and other media personalities.