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Criminal Family Courts In America The Story Of Predrag Tosic #Familycourts

Family Courts Corruptions

Family Courts Corruptions

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“Family courts” and how they really operate
The unholy alliance : family courts, division of child support, child protective services (“follow the money”; Title IV-D and Title IV-E)

Assault on families, children and parental rights: what’s going on beyond the (un)usual greed?
The three myths about “family law” and “family courts” in WA state (legal standards & basis behind the operation of family courts: “best interest of children”; and parental/gender (in)equality in practice)
Domestic violence and state’s silence/encouragement (when it serves the purpose of ideology AND lining the pockets); evidence and scholarly work on blatant double standards; encouragement of female-vs-male DV
The curious case of GALs and other parental evaluators (I will send a scholarly article); why do courts appoint these fraudsters and fake experts instead of determining mental/parental fitness in reasonably reliable, standard psychiatric test-based ways?

Dealing with another parent with mental health issues and apathetic courts looking the other way: how to protect one’s child(ren) and one’s parental rights without exacerbating the conflict? How to take it out of corrupt and apathetic/totally disinterested in the actual well-being of children (anti-)family courts hands?
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