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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: NYC 911 Calls Unanswered, Central Park Hospital, & Trump Extends Closed Economy

Corona Updates

Corona Updates

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Glenn Beck319K subscribersSUBSCRIBEDHere are the numbers for your March 30 Coronavirus Update: -Total coronavirus cases worldwide are now at 752,747. -Total fatalities worldwide are over 36,000 (up from 24,000 on Friday). -155,000 patients have recovered around the world, up from 125,000 on Friday. -5 percent of all cases are considered “serious” (require hospitalization), but 11 percent of cases are serious in the U.S. (which is similar to Italy’s 12 percent). -The U.S. now has over 145,000 cases, and nearly 3,000 fatalities. -President Trump announced Sunday the CDC will be extending all of its social distancing and quarantine guidelines until April 30th. -Despite what them media says about Trump, Glenn and Stu argue he’s handling the COVID-19 pandemic very well; his Easter goal was JUST A GOAL. -In NYC, 911 systems are completely overwhelmed, receiving more calls for help than during September 11th, 2001. -On Thursday, 911 systems in NYC received nearly 9,000 calls, and 20 percent of them went unanswered. -12 percent of NYPD officers have tested positive, and paramedics say it’s a “war zone.” -A field hospital is being set up in Central Park. -The CDC issued strict travel restrictions for residents of NY, CT, and NJ, and some stats are closing their borders to neighboring ones. -Rhode Island is even using the National Guard to enforce travel restrictions. -Politicians in Mexico recently told people there the virus only targets the rich, but now it’s spreading throughout the country too. -Glenn says Trump MUST close our border with Mexico immediately, and begin setting up hospitals there for a humanitarian crisis that’s likely just around the corner. -Meanwhile, while everyone is stuck inside, board games are a great option to pass the time…or ARE they?! ► Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Glenn on Social Media: