July 1, 2022

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Cindy Niles in Australia and Joe Charter Clip: Financial Surveillance #infowindnewnews #cindyniles

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Cindy Niles

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⁣Cindy Niles in Australia and Joe Charter Clip: Financial Surveillance #infowindnewnews #cindyniles
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Cindy Niles is an animated brilliant woman bringing truth to anyone who will listen. She is a social media force that triggers the most obvious censorship. She has been cut-off, slowed down, posts removed and profiles shut down. The tyranny of social media must stop, the mass surveillance program must be stopped before it to late…it may be already. Cindy is a strong voice for freedom against all controlling factions of this universe that aim to exploit the masses for their own gain.

Tonight Cindy will speak on the topic of focused precision medicine and the economic programs governments are planning. Surveillance economic programs!

USA Thursday Jan 27th at 10PM CDT
Australia Friday 3pm Jan 28th (Victoria)
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