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Candlelight Celebration of the Strong Life of Heather Carey A Warrior

Heather Carey Celebration

Heather Carey Celebration

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Candlelight Celebration of the Strong Life of Heather Carey #infowindnewnews #Advocatetv #HarshMed It is with sad hearts we at INFOWIND NEW NEWS bring you. Heather Carey, the original host of our human sex trafficking awareness podcast who overcame being sex trafficked from the age of 6 until age 19, sold into the industry by her own father. Heather fought many PSTD issues that could have contributed to her passing January 6, 2021 in Des Moines Iowa. She was admitted to the hospital after complaining of not feeling well for weeks until shortly after she died in care from complications of the liver. Heather was called on to host our human sex trafficking outreach and she began to build the audience through her authentic “one of kind” way of communicating. She was direct, strong and yet very very fragile. We will always remember her story. We will always know her presence is near as she considered herself more spirit than flesh. She could calm the birds into silence through her spiritual connection in witchery and earthly grounding, she loved to walk barefoot, she claimed it was how we can connect to the earth, the power of nature. She was an avid gardener, spices were her favorite, and she could cook like a chef! We love you Heather, I miss you. I will never forget you. Never. We will always be here for you.