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March 20, 2023

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Obama Book

Obama Book

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Meet Barack Obama. He is addicted to basking in the limelight. A credit taker. He’s a war monger and dark money maker. He came with a stolen social security card and a fraudulent birth certificate. Our first gay president–many say his ‘wife’ is Michael, not Michelle. (Barack himself said Michael several times when he meant Michelle.)
Here are just some of his scandals:

• Spying on Trump scandal
• Fast and Furious scandal
• The IRS targeting conservatives scandal
• Hillary email scandal
• Uranium One scandal (colluding with Russia)
• The Iran ransom scandal
• The Solyndra scandal

Obama’s presidency was a complete and unmitigated disaster for America. He may have left the White House, but Obama remains in the background. He’s still pulling strings, manipulating events, and tossing levers of power. Like the Clintons, he started his own foundation and is cleaning up on reward money given to him by his global banker and corporate masters. The Obamas now own several very lavish homes including one at Martha’s Vineyard valued at $12 million. Their D.C. ‘residence’ is worth $8 million. Wow, politics sure do pay off for the well-connected!
— Ben Garrison

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