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March 28, 2023

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Both Democrat front runners are unlikable

Joe Biden Wins

Joe Biden Wins

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The big surprise was how well Biden did (especially in Texas), but maybe it shouldn’t be so shocking. He’s the choice of the Deep State Democrats and their picks have a habit of winning.

Both Democrat front runners are unlikeable and mediocre. Is this the best the Democrats have to offer? An old communist loudmouth and an old, mumbling, stumbling, corrupt gaffe machine? Both are pushing 80. They will make high energy Trump appear even younger.
I was happy to see Mike Bloomberg fail. The goblin billionaire found out he really couldn’t buy the presidency. Other characteristics are required to attract voters such a modicum of charm, speaking ability, and manners. He was caught on video coughing into his hand then promptly shaking the hands of others. He was also caught taking a bite of pizza and then tossing it back into the box. Warren couldn’t even win her home state. She has a lot of ego in the race and she refuses to quit. Good. We want to see her suffer more defeat. Click here to finish reading only at GrrrGraphics…