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March 30, 2023

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Ben and Tina Garrison Cartoon, double bonus! #NancyHairGate #HAIRGATE



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Nancy Pelosi ‘s Hair Salon Dos & Don’ts

“Do get your blowout & wash without a mask”

“Don’t admit it it was your fault”

“Do blame everything on the salon tricking you with a “setup”

“Do celebrate FakeNews covering for you with a bowl of gourmet ice cream!”

Nancy Pelosi answers only to her donors. She doesn’t care about her constituents or any other American. She cares about her money and her power. She helped create ‘mandates’ that require people to wear masks and shut down their businesses, but she is above any law and does as she pleases. She’s part of the government royalty and treats citizens as serfs. If they’re starved for freedom and justice…well, let them eat ice cream.

-Ben Garrison

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