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Alabama has kidnapped my child in 2019 the judge ordered custody to Etowah county DHR

The Kandace Edwards Story #Alabamacps

The Kandace Edwards Story #Alabamacps

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Here is a brief overview of my case is Etowah county DHR of Alabama has kidnapped my child in 2019 the judge ordered custody to Etowah county DHR I did not receive a search warrant I did not receive a removal of the child I didn’t receive my 72 hour hearing. DHR did not go by my legal binding document that I had signed and notarized to be honest with you my daughter was actually in Jacksonville Alabama which is Calhoun county Alabama and on the document that they wouldn’t even go by that was notarized her geographical location was Anniston Alabama in the time that DHR had gotten involved she was in Jacksonville Alabama I was actually in Chambers county when the got involved. In 17 months that kidnapped my child placed her in foster care terminated my rights and then 6 months later illegally adopted her. She was not in any harm whatsoever they violated all of my civil Rights amendments one four five nine and 14 also violated 18 USC 1201 which is kidnapping they also invited 42 USC deprivation of Rights and there’s several other ones that they have violated as well. No lawyer will take my case because my case is so corrupt I feel like Randolph county actually was retaliating against me because of the fact that I have a federal class action lawsuit against them so the judge actually over sentenced me so when the judge over sentenced me it caused me to go to prison and with the charge I had which was possession of forged instrument of a $75 check. I’ve never had a felony on my background up to that point I’d never been to prison up to that point much less you know really honestly been to jail I’m also a veteran of the United States military I served right here in Gadsden Alabama and I’m also a targeted parenting considering the fact that I was a foster child myself. I’ve contacted the FBI on the Birmingham location here in Alabama and I actually had made a record that came out to the house and said that they would investigate seen the pictures of the abuse my daughter sustained while she was in a foster care in the same home and I actually requested that she was removed from that home they didn’t remove her the whole time that she was in care they didn’t let me go to her doctor appointment or anything like that just pretty much took all of my rights away from me that I even had as a parent before my rights were even terminated.  My rights were terminated May 25th 2021 by November 3rd of 2021 they have illegally adopted my daughter.