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We’re in a Marxist Revolution. INFOWIND promotes Amazing Polly for so many reasons, the most important is she connects dots so well. In this segment you will learn history about Canada.

Amazing Polly195K subscribersSUBSCRIBEDNOTE: T-cells is obviously “Terror Cells” — I don’t know how I didn’t see it earlier. !! Fits right in with the graphic I showed about how the Marxists organize. It’s like 3 videos in one: Part 1: the current blockade protesters in Canada, which takes us to: Part 2: the history & real story of the FLQ, a Marxist terrorist organization that operated in Quebec, Canada for 7 years AND its ties to Marxist revolutionary cells elsewhere in the world.. and finally: Part 3: tying all of this into the BIG PICTURE using Q posts. NOTE: I make a few mistakes in this video. I say “I was sent to hospital” but really we couldn’t go to the hospital because we were English. I *should* have gone to hospital but instead we went to a nurse friend and she gave me stitches (on her kitchen table, without anaesthetic.) – I say on John F Kennedy St when I should have said, “down the street from John F Kennede Square.” – and 2 other speaking mistakes which I can’t remember but don’t misprepresent the larger point. If you would like to support my work, please do so through paypal here: OR go to my website and find my PO Box address:…. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! I seriously do have the best audience on youtube. Here’s the video where I recount my Quebec experience and say I’m “all in” with the Q movement:… Where we go one, we go all! (except totalitarian control freaks.)