April 18, 2021


Video Alternative News Podcast

Join Our Team!


If you want to join this effort please contact the page today. KEY POSITIONS FOR ALL TALENT in order of intended importance. Moderators and Segments Personalities: Please message the page to join our group of guest, moderator and producers of the live show broadcasts to see what you can offer and what value we can organize in return. Video and Graphics Producers: Video Clip-age for planned broadcast content (Value For Value) These peoples produce on video or photographic, or natural art presentation Finance Developer: Solicit and seek out monetizing/donation persons or products/Donations (Value For Value) Technical Security/Technical Support: Provide computer, devices and other technical direction for the group, update studio computers regularly, provide extra RAM for each computer, provide security portals and security software/hardware (Value for Value) You can also just send us an email at info@woodwindmg.com

Contact us at this email today! info@WoodwindMG.com

INFOWIND is a new news and information channel dedicated to exposing
current elitist global controls of all people of the earth. INFOWIND NEW NEWS seeks out interviews of front line patriots globally subscribe to our YouTube using key word search “INFOWIND NEW NEWS” #INFOWINDNewNews #Iowa Woodwind Media Group is the “parent” company.

We are looking for motivated individuals to help us. We need “on the ground” reporters in various cities, camera assistance, technology wizards in audio/video/live stream. We are looking for patriots who want to donate their time for a future “pay-off” building into a high level competitor in news and information publishing. If you would like to inquire, please send an email to info@woodwindMG.com We would be grateful for any donated needed equipment/gear leading into 2020. Send mail to explain donation description. Joining with Joe Charter Wirkus and his team will be a rewarding and exciting life for those who join and put their heart into our cause along with an avenue for our show personalities to flourish into the future.

Created by music artist and producer Joe Charter.
When the passion began in 2016 To transform my music video production
studio aspirations to also include news and information and sponsor
other channels under the Woodwind umbrella I slowly but steadily
began studying new media outlets who were successful in order to learn
more about the various styles. I noticed the best style is
when we be ourselves on camera. The realness of real
is paramount at INFOWIND.